The last window made December 1951 by Helmute Neuman (left) & Ernst Fahl before travelling to Australia.

 City in Germany, "WIPPERFUERTH", this Photo was taken after World War II. 1n 1945.

 Lennep, Wender & Duerholt complex 1870 - 1981.  In 1951 manufacturing of 500 plus timber-frame houses for the Housing Trust in South Australia.

Ship called "ROMA" Leaving Italy bringing the first group of  19 contract workers for Wender & Duerholt to Australia.

Temperary Housing Trust cottage in Warradale, 1951 with no electriciity.

In these 4 room Housing Trust cottage two people shared a room. Fom left to right; Gerhard Schulte, carpenter; Helmute Neuman, carpenter; Bernhart Meyer, carpenter; Erik Strenka, labouer. Bernhart is still alive. ad.69 Sudeten St. Cremlingen 38162, Germany. Helmute is still alive in Queensland.

Halle, workshop send from Germany by Wender & Duerholt for Wender & Duerholt Australia in 1952 to Morphett road Dover Gardens. This structure (workshop) was shiftet in 1955-56 to Bennet Ave. Edwardstown.

Wender & Duerholt imported workmens camp from Germany in 1952, location Warradale area where two people shared a room. The person on the motorbike ist Horst Eisenbach a plumber by trade, geb. in Rade von Walde, still alive in Vic.

Wilhelm Soens (left on this picture) Foreman Carpenter, transfered from the Port Adelaide Project in 1953. The ADELAIDER LIEDERTAFFEL , which was formed in 1858, had only 8 men left in 1954.  With the help of Wilhelm Soens von Remscheid in the camp of Wender & Duerholt in Dover Gardens, the Adelaider Liedertafel  continued to grow in membership. 

Adelaider Liedertafel in 2010.                                                               Willi Soens Jr fist row second on the left.

Lohman Park, Statue donated by Eugon Lohman, unveiled on the 21 May 1965 by the Hon. Frank Walsh M.P. the Premier of South Australia in the presend of Eugon Lohmann.

In  27 March 2000 Marion Council, Mayor Felicity-Ann Lewis and Valerie Aldahm the Reginal manager of the Housing Trust unvelling the plaque.

Rose Cottage in 2003

Joiner shop in Lennep November 1951 and two of these men travelled with Wender & Duerholt to South Australia. On the left on this photo is Heinz Schmitz.

Farm, House and Stable in Europe "Baumhof, Feb. 1952". Heinz Schmitz saying; Auf wiedersehn, to his birth place in Germany. Due to there was a Berlin wall built and the conflict between East and West the Wender & Duerholt 2 year contract to Australia was excepted.

The Journey to South Australian, Lennep Railway Station Feb. 1952. Amogst this group are the first of 19 voluntary contract workers leaving Lennep on the 20 February for South Australia with a contract they had signd to work 2 years for Wender & Duerholt in South Australia.   (AUTOBIOGRAPHY written in 2000 Fourth Edetion, by Henry Smith; page number. 128 on).

Arriving;  the first 19 people for Wender & Duerholt 18 men and 1 women at the Railway station in Adelaide on March 1952;

German tradesmen building the timber bases for timber frame house in 1952 in the Dover Gardens area (Marion Council district) for the Housing Trust. From left to right, Heinz Schoemann, Briklayer; Guenther Diesing, Labour; Horst Eisenbach, Plumber; Heinz Schmitz, Joiner;

EUGEN LOHMANN the owner and directer of Wender & Duerholt, on his second visit in 1952 talking to his appointed manager Walter Wiegelman in South Australia.

 Timeframe houses in 1952 - 1955, errected in the Dover Gardens, Marion District Council area, send from Germany by Wender & Duerholt.

 Wilhelm Soens a Foreman Carpenter from Remscheid working for Wender & Duerholt (Australia) in Dover Gardens conducted the Adelaider Liedertafel in 1954 in the German club. In March 1956 the German Club celebrated their 70 yearly Jubilee.
Liedertafel http: www. alt states "Around this time in Adelaide a German building company, Wender & Dürholt, was contracted by the State Government to build five hundred homes for the SA Housing Trust. This company, which had come to SA in 1952, brought a great wave of migrants in the years that followed. Wilhelm Söns Sr, a Foreman Carpenter by trade who worked for Wender & Dürholt was an accomplished amateur musician, and conducted a group of singers at the Warradale German camp (the site of the present day Army barracks). When they became aware of this German male choir, the Adelaider Liedertafel contacted them and the two choirs combined under the ALT banner. This occurred in March, 1954. Wilhelm Söns was the first conductor of this combined choir. His son Willi Jr joined the ALT in August 1954 at age 17, and is today the choir's longest serving member. For a closer look at this fascinating piece of ALT (and, more importantly, South Australian) history, have a look at Henry Smith's history of Wender & Dürholt in SA."

 Harmony day, at the Marion Council on the 21/3/2002.  A history issue of reconnaissance.

 Employees of Wender & Duerholt  in 27 March 2003. From left to right; Walter Wiegelmann, Mayor Felicity-Ann Lewis, Helmute Link, Werner Klinkhammer, Henry Smith.


 27 March 2003. Henry Smith (left) and Marion Council,  Mayor Felicity-Ann Lewis.