The Forgotten People & Company

This book explains the history of the company Wender & Duerholt and its operations in Adelaide, South Australia. It explains how the company ceased to exist and its name became forgotten because of the mistakes that were made right from the start and no one realised it including the owner E. Lohmann of the company. Download the PDF for free!

Reconciliation Business Achievement The Missing Link

Pictures from photogallery 1952*1955 with the backing of German volkssong. "Hohe Tannen weisen die Sterne"

South Australian History

Available from State Library of South Australia
An Autobiography
written by Henry Smith
in 2000
Fourth Edition.

Henry Smith. Author & Producer – South Australian History. German Settlement. A book having the Title "RECONCILIATION BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT THE MISSING LINK" of 362 pages also gives the full history of WNDER & DUERHOLT. The founders of the company WENDER & DUERHOLT were "Wilhelm Wender & Ludwig Duerholt in 1870’s". The book "4th edition" has been updated since 1/3/09 is also available on CD ROM.

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This on book of 367 pages A4;     is also available free:      Download Free PDF


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