The free ebook "The Forgotten People & Company" explains the history of the company Wender & Duerholt, which operated in Adelaide, South Australia from 1952 until the 1980's and how the company ceased to exist and it’s name became forgotten. Mistakes were made right from the start and no one realised it including the owner E. Lohmann. Download the PDF for free! Or get the free iBook using the button below. The content of the free ebook is also available on this page.

A Company Wender & Duerholt

Became just a Name in 1981

The Director Eugen Lohmann of the company Wender & Duerholt  in Lennep made many panels for camp accommodation as people who lost their homes due to the war. During the war the company made Baracken. (Camp buildings) Prefabrication came to an end after world war two. The company then produced pre-cut timber framed houses. Due to the Berlin Wall making a division between East and West Germany the director Eugen Lohmann had to seek a safe haven for his company. With long time Jewish friends suggestions, to move elsewhere the direction was Australia. The financier for the project was unknown to the workers. Regardless of plenty of work available in Germany many employees of Wender & Duerholt voluntarily joined the Director’s ambition and loaded the camp accommodation panels to be sent to Australia. They also signed a contract of loyalties to work for the company for two years to help erect 500 pre-cut timber framed houses in a land of which most of them had never heard. The Journey became documented from still pictures from with book has been published and a little later a video produced.

The Journey of the Employees from Wender & Duerholt (Australia)
In 1952 to the Marion District in South Australia, building Timber - frame Houses for the South Australian Housing Trust. ( VIDEO PART 1 A)
The Journey of the Employees from Wender & Duerholt (Australia)
In 1952 to the Marion District in South Australia, building Timber - frame Houses for the South Housing Trust.

 About This Book

 Henry Smith. Author & Producer - South Australian History. German Settlement. A book having the Title "RECONCILIATION BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT THE MISSING LINK" of 362 pages also gives the full history of WENDER & DUERHOLT in Germay and in Australia. The founders of the company WENDER & DUERHOLT were "WILHELM WENDER & LUDWIG DUERHOLT in 1870's". The book "4th edition" has been updated since 1/3/09 is also available on C .D. ROM. Information in Books & Videos is available on German Settlement History in South Australia at the State Library. Henry Smith was born in Germany in 1930. He came on the ship "Roma" to South Australia arriving on 20th March 1952. He came with the company Wender & Duerholt as a contract worker tradesman joiner & carpenter to South Australia. He became a migrant and was naturalised in 1957. While assisting plumbers, Henry became interested in welding, achieving a certificate in December 1968. A safety certificate in 1969 meant that he could also take charge of any building project. This was followed by a builder's license, which became compulsory in July 1978.Licence No. G 2033. During this time Henry was heavily involved with the St.John Ambulance Association and received his first, First Aid Certificate on the 1st of May 1978.

 Henry went on to work in the concrete and structural steel industry and later worked for the railway. He was also asked to
Commission as a Justice of the Peace for the State of South Australia, (reg.16158) this he accepted on the 20th of
December 1979. Furthering his education every step of the way and worked volunarily in the courts system many hours. This is un-paid postion. In time Henry also qualified as a security guard and was offered employment during the Grand Prix, this he accepted and carried out his duties two weeks per season from 1986 to 1989. During 1988 Henry also completed certificates in "Emergency of Fire" and his fifth First Aid Certificate. He worked in the Art Gallery as Security Guard and escorted Prince Charles through the Gallery. He retired from work at his age of 58, due to ill health. Age 65, (a pensioner) he joined a group of 5 people and helped to establish ACE Adelaide Community Education TV now called channel 31. at a personal cost of $30.000 over 2 years under the director of Rita Freeman. In helping the TV station ACE along; (
un-paid postion,) along as a volunteer pensioner, for what ?   In January 1997 he completed the filming and editing of a video on South Australian History, "Where do we meet", a video very much recommended by the State Library and by the then Governor of South Australia, Sir Eric Neal. (see You Tube video) He also produced a video of WENDER & DUERHOLT 1952 - 2002 how they had worked in the Marion district for the Housing Trust. He has produced many videos and four of his video scripts are in his book. (1) Where do we meet? (2) Pioneering The Benefits We reap. (3) Ship called "ROMA" Brought in 1952 the first 19 people for WENDER & DUERHOLT to Australia. (4) Colonel Light Vision. And many more are listed in the index. I named my book a "DIARY". The Founders of WENDER & DUERHOLT were "WILHELM WENDER & LUDWIG DUERHOLT in 1870's", (see page 181). Albert Schmidt received an ORDEN from the King of Prussia in 1880, (see page183 Lennep, Germany). Schomburgk, born in Fregburg received the honorary Dr. Title from the King of Prussia on the 4 April 1868, while living and working in the Botanic Garden South Australia (see page 53). The Kaiser of Prussia formed Germany in 1871; it was called the SECOND REICH, (see page 2)